Monday, April 20, 2015

Cabaret and Love Affair by Pooja Bhatt delayed

The two upcoming projects by film maker Pooja Bhatt have got delayed. The two films are Cabaret and Love Affair. The delay is understood to be of around two months. According to the close sources of the film, there are some issues regarding the permissions.
Cabaret is in its last stage of shooting. This final leg is scheduled to be shot in Kolkata. However, there is some permission for the shooting yet to be granted. And that’s why they could not start the shooting of the film.
The film Love Affair is based on the Nanavati murder case. There is a delay of about two months for the shooting of Love Affair to resume once again. The film was to be shot in Mumbai itself. But due to the delay in Cabaret, the Love Affair schedule has also taken a hit.
The delay in the shoot has been confirmed by Pooja herself. So, the news is confirmed. She feels that in a couple of months time, the postponed shooting should get underway.