Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yami Gautam Does Multi-Tasking Effectively

Yami Gautam is a self made actress. She made it to Bollywood on her own capabilities. That’s the reason why she probably is capable of pulling off things on her own. She hardly requires any extra support or help to set her daily life rolling.
Paying bills, carrying out daily chores as well as stocking the house with the month’s grocery are some things that the actress does all by herself. Even in her busy shooting schedule, she is well off with this work.
And yes, the best part is that this isn’t any extra work load. Actually, Yami enjoys having this sort of freedom.
Even when she was fighting to make it to Bollywood, Yami Gautam had the same kind of practice. She comes from Chandigarh. Right from there to making it to the Hindi film industry, Yami has been multi-tasking.
Recently, Yami was shooting for her upcoming film in Patiala. However, being away from Mumbai didn’t mean glitches back home. Life was still the same back in the city.
Is it time for people who keep complaining about work load, to have a look at Yami’s multi-tasking abilities. What keeps Yami Gautam going? What gives her the strength? Hope to hear the secrets from her one day.!