Friday, April 17, 2015

Rakhi Sawant takes on Sunny Leone in public

The forthright Rakhi Sawant didn’t think twice before taking on the former adult actress Sunny Leone. It looked like Rakhi didn’t like the comparison made between her and Sunny. Rakhi was speaking to reporters when she said this.
On the other hand, Rakhi said that she would like to be compared with stars like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez instead. Now, what went wrong that Rakhi virtually lost her cool over Sunny Leone?
She was asked that the video songs of Sunny Leone would prove to be a competition for her. This is when Rakhi said that she shouldn’t be compared with Sunny. She also spelt out the reason for this (check for yourself if that suits). Rakhi said that she had achieved her popularity by winning the hearts of the people.
For that she performed on stage shows, danced, took part in reality shows on the small screen as well. In short, Rakhi didn’t do any adult film to be as popular as Sunny is.
This is when she insisted to be compared with Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.
Now, it remains to be seen what response Sunny Leone gives to Rakhi Sawant. Remember, not speaking about your professional competitor is also a sort of response.