Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is Madhur Bhandarkar miffed with Priyanka?

Reports are doing the rounds in the media that film director Is Madhur Bhandarkar is apparently unhappy with actress Priyanka Chopra. The reason is said to be that Priyanka first made him wait for his upcoming film and finally put on hold.
Priyanka was to do the film Madamji with film maker and national award winner director Madhur Bhandarkar. The two were supposed to work out the film and make it a reality. The director wanted only Priyanka to be the main lead for the flick.
For this, he waited for Priyanka to finish off her earlier assignments. However, even after that, Priyanka showed no signs of turning up for Madamji. The film was about the story of a bar dancer who successfully made it to politics.
Piggy Chops was in the United States for about a couple of months where she was to shoot for Quantico, which is her first ever international show. However, when she came back, she got involved in her next film Bajirao Mastani.
But after no interest was shown by Priyanka in Madhur’s film, he too started his work on Reema Kagti’s film. However, he feels that the actress should not have made him wait for so long and still not turn up.