Monday, December 6, 2010

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

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There are many facets to love. Some term love as God while some term love as illusion. This means that God is an illusion. Now what is this link? I remember to have read that love is an illusion many a time and also remember to have read that love is god. But that is really confusing. But I am a firm beliver that there can be no love at first sight. I really doubt who coined this phrase - 'love at first site'. When you see a person of the opposite sex what you see is only the physic. You cannot see the mind of the person. And for love to happen, the minds need to get involved. There cannot be only a physical intimacy which you can term it as love. That would be lust. And if god is love then where is the place for lust?
Secondly, as long as you don't know the mind of a person how can you love him/her. It is important that you know the person, try to understand him or her and then only proceed. Moreover, to get into love and to remain there takes time. You need to win the confidence of the person and all these activities need time. This cannot happen overnight. And in most cases, this happens in just a moment.
My god! I, personally find this really surprising. Such love is bound to break sooner - though, I hope this comes false. But I have seen some couples who have fallen in love at first sight - in a moment's time and have broken up faster still. Then what you get is only frustration and depression. Is this the love that anyone seeks?

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