Saturday, December 4, 2010

Was Yana Gupta ‘paid’ for the drama?

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Last week, Yana Gupta created waves by going ‘nude’ below her waist. She was wearing absolutely nothing and the pictures were doing the rounds of the internet with great ‘flavor’. We had reported to you about Yana Gupta’s dramas then. Now, as time flies by, there are various reports cropping up with conjectures and surmises.
Reports doing the rounds have very important to interpret. This item girl is not in the news and there is nothing ‘happening’ with her. Currently she is a totally ‘non-happening’ girl out there. On the other hand, there are some ‘happening’ item girls out there. So, this is one ‘thing’ that Yana could have done to keep her in the limelight.
Secondly, it is guesstimated that, Yana Gupta could have been paid huge sums to go ‘panty less’. But there is one reason associated with it. This might also be a publicity stunt. It could also give 'free publicity' to Yana and for the charity show if she came there that way.
But whatever be the guesses, the truth is that, now Yana has been dragged to court for her ‘accidentally’ coming to the show in that manner. Now, for the next publicity, it is over to the court.
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