Monday, December 20, 2010

Item girl Poonam Jhawar in ‘2G Radia-tion’

Really, how long would it have taken for Bollywood to make a film on the 2G telecom spectrum drama? It is as early as now. The name Nira Radia is all over the media and it is a good food for the film makers to go about doing their business. However, can you imagine, who has been roped in to play the role of Nira Radia? Guess it if you want, but how near will you be to your answer?
The role of Nira will be played by none other than the item girl Poonam Jhawar.
Yes, that's absolutely right. It's the same Poonam Jhawar who was seen only for the blink of an eye in the 1994 Akshay Kumar movie, Mohra. At least this is what the news reports are telling us. Though Poonam has worked mostly as an item girl and has appeared in music videos, the role of Nira Radia has fallen in her lap. Poonam was desperate to get a big offer which she was not getting from the industry. So, she produced a film and played the lead in it.
But now as she has an important role in this movie, let's hope things change for Poonam for good.

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