Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan kiss each other in full public

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Both Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan have similarities in the personalities. Both of them are quiet girls and there are hardly very ‘happening’ things in their lives. Even their media reports are not too voluptuous. A simple life for them so to speak. Another similarity which they share is playing bold scenes.

Neither Rani Mukherji nor Vidya Balan shies away from playing bold scenes on the screen. Both the hot girls Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan were present at a promotional event some days back and so were their fans.

All know about their on screen hot performances, but never did anyone know how they would ‘perform’ in real life. Both Rani and Vidya suddenly got in a lip lock with each in full public view and the media cameras. And yes, it was a very passionate kiss and not just planting any. Everything was unexpected for the audience too. But the rare moment was trapped in cameras.
Both of them were together to promote their upcoming film ‘No One Killed Jessica’.


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