Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Will Yana Gupta shed it all for Rs. 1 cr?

The no-panty girl Yana Gupta is still in the news. In fact, the media has kept her in. After the ‘act’, she shot to ‘fame’ instantly – it is not as though she was not, but she remained in the news for more day than one. Initially, it was the photo-shoot that caught the attention and was in the news.
Then followed the court matters as she was dragged to court for appearing in public in this way. Days have been quite hectic for Yana off late.
A single instance has changed Yana’s life – at least for the time being and has the stuff to change it once and for all.

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Was Yana Gupta ‘paid’ for the drama?

The reason is that, Yana has been offered a photo-shoot assignment. The offer, it is said, has come from a British magazine. The magazine wants Yana to shed away every bit of her clothes and show every inch of her body.
Yes, the magazine wants Yana to appear completely nude and for the same they are offering her a whopping sum of Rs. 1,00,00,000. Though it is not clear, if the offer is true, it does not appear to be false either as the big players leave no stone unturned for publicity.
What do you think will Yana Gupta shed it all for Rs. 1 cr?

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