Friday, December 24, 2010

Nudity brings tears to Pammie's eyes

Voluptuous, sexy, sex bomb, seductress, seductive femininity are the words that fit the recent guest on Bigg Boss – Pamela Anderson. Exposing to the fullest is not new for Pammie – as Pamela is called. However, showing off her colossal assets, which every now and then seem to steal a look at the outside world did not come easy for Pamela Anderson.
If the reports are to be believed, Pamela was so stunned and shocked that she literally shed tears when she was asked to bear it all for the Playboy magazine.
The former ‘Baywatch’ star was flabbergasted to the core and took things personally. Well, after all bearing it all does not come easy.
Pamela Anderson actually decided to take her mother’s opinion before shading her every bit of the cloth. “Do it”, is how her mom responded when Pammie asked her about the offer.
However, as a true pro, Pammie knew how to overcome it. You know how she did it? Instead of covering her in the days and years to come, Pamela made it a habit to expose herself – which deserved more exposing than covering.


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