Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feigning secret and still showing it

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The celebrities, especially from the Bollywood industry, have a strange habit. They will never admit their love publicly, at least initially. “Well, we are just friends”, “Good friends”, “Nothing like that”, are the remarks we often get to hear.
Folks, if you are in love, admit it yaar. What’s there to hide anything about it?
One such love-birdie is Dia Mirza. Love is probably happening to her and she is the first to refuse it too.
The guy she in love with is, director Sahil Singha. The news of these two has been doing the rounds of the entertainment fraternity of late. However, still there is no official word from either Dia or Sahil.
It is through their mothers that both Dia and Sahil met each other. The reason, we think, why Dia is going steady this time around is that, she has had her share of heartbreaks. She does not want to have another any time now. The news of these started to heat up when these two were seen arriving together at Shilpa Shetty's Diwali party. They were again seen at a late night screening of a film too.
In the course of time, Dia decided to turn producer and ‘appointed’ Sahil as the director for her production venture too.

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