Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Liz Hurley pleading to get back to Arun Nayar

Things are turning topsy-turvy for the English actress and wife of Indian businessman Liz Hurley. Liz Hurley, the wife of NRI businessman Arun Nayar wanted divorce from him straightaway, after she got attached to Australian cricketer Shane Warne - more of physically than emotionally.
The 45-year old actress did not want to stay with her husband and found Shane Warne to be more of a man who is made just for her. There were many intimate meetings between the two.

However, to her horror, Liz Hurley found that, Shane Warne had sent more than 100 text messages to another married woman at the same time. These messages were "sexy", "inviting", "seductive" and "not worth mentioning here".
After all this, for Liz Hurley it is no more than a nightmare. Now, she wants to call off her divorce from her husband and she is pleading and desperate to get back. However, the nightmare can still continue as Arun Nayar is in no mood to relent and seems to be firm to get ahead with the divorce.
Now Liz Hurley is facing a very delicate phase in her life. Let's hope all is well with her.
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