Monday, December 1, 2014

Moral police slaps Gauhar Khan for short dress

Moral police are there in India and it was proved by a certain man who straight slapped actress Gauhar Khan. The reason? Well, she was wearing a short dress and that is what didn’t go well with this ‘moral police’.
Gauhar was hosting India’s Raw Star, which is a reality show and was being shot at the Film City in suburban Goregaon. A man from the audience came up and slapped the model as he thought she shouldn’t have worn a short dress, which doesn’t go with the Muslims.
Mohammed Akil Mallick, was the ‘moral police’ who slapped Gauhar Khan when there was the show’s break. What’s more, he also touched her inappropriately right then and there. However, the security guards present on the occasion rushed in and took control of the situation. Even the police were informed about these developments.
Gauhar Khan was awestruck when the incident happened. Actually, the man had managed to break through the security of around 250 bouncers and still made his way up to the actress. She then took a break of an hour before she managed to build herself to make her comfortable to shoot for the remaining duration of the show.