Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sunny Leone will play Mamta Kulkarni in Jayesh Sheth film

Sunny Leone is supposed to have been signed for a film that will be made on former Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni. Mamta Kulkarni was seen as the sex symbol in the 1990s. And reports are doing the rounds that the former adult actress Sunny Leone will be in the lead.
Jayesh Sheth, who is a renowned photographer, will be leading the film making process. When he was speaking about casting someone in the film, Jayesh said that the first lady that came to mind was Sunny Leone. The reason for casting her is that, according to Mr. Sheth Sunny resembles Mamta a lot.
Elaborating a bit, Jayesh Sheth said that both women have a very hot and sensuous body and carry an innocent face. This needs suits the best for Sunny Leone and that’s why she was chosen for the film. He however didn’t confirm if she was indeed going to do the film.
Speaking about finalizing Sunny, Jayesh said that there was still time to confirm the news and that it would be early to say anything. He said that he will take a final call only when the script is finished.