Friday, December 12, 2014

On the sets of Leela Sunny Leone manhandled

Reports claim that former adult star Sunny Leone had been manhandled on the sets of the film Leela. This was probably the first ever unpleasant experience that Sunny might have experienced ever since she started her mainstream Bollywood career that made this kind of news.
According to reports, a man was seen having an argument with the actress. The dispute was obviously not in a friendly tone or manner. Things started to heat up by and by. This is when Sunny’s co-star in the film, Mohit Ahlawat objected. However, he got a slap in the face.
This was enough to send shiver down Sunny Leone. She refused to shoot after that and wanted to ensure that there is enough security for her. Producer Bobby Khan’ brother, who is a choreographer Ahmed Khan, contacted and spoke regarding the incident.
He refused that there was any such kind of incident on the set or anyone slapping someone else. We hope all’s well with the entire crew of the film.