Sunday, September 5, 2010

Formulae For Successful Marriages

There is no such a fixed formula for having a successful marriage. Had it been such, then we would never have heard the word 'divorce', don't we? Even if we say that marriages are made in heaven and performed on earth, I still do not believe in that. The reason is pretty simple. Heaven is an abode of the good god above and god is peace, god is love. Then how can the same god give sorrow and unhappiness for some couples? It is not the god who is at fault, but it is we who do not perform our duties well. Then the results are there for all of us to see. Marriages do break up. Still as you say there are some factors which are important for all the couples irrespective of where they live or from what background they come from. For example, the trust unto each other. Trust is the most important binding factor that can keep a man and a woman together for the whole of their lives. Secondly, as only trust would not help, so also there should be love for each other too. And what you have pointed out correctly speaks volumes. Understanding shown towards each other can do wonders. Caring is also a key factor. How much you care for your partner you have to show that through words and actions. If these small factors are taken into consideration, they I think, you have found the formula for a successful marriage. Then spread the word.


  1. I wish there were real formulas for marriages to get successful. Anyways, thanx for sharing this.

  2. A marriage is a bond between two persons and can be successful only if both have trust on each other.

  3. The car of marriage rides on wheels of trust. Very well said. Thanx keep coming for more!