Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life’s Difficult For Karan

The past few days, in fact weeks have not been too cozy for the famous director Karan Johar. He has to manage the promotion of his latest film ‘We Are Family’ all by himself. There is no Kajol with him as the lady has gone on a maternity go. As for Kareena, she is busy with ‘Agent Vinod’.
When two major faces are missing, life is going to be difficult. And that is quite understandable. Karan admits that he has totally ignored his all his upcoming appointments and he is squarely concentrating on the current film on hand.
Even with such a hectic schedule and with such an immense workload, Karan can afford to crack a joke or two. He said, “Probably, I’ll make ‘My Name Is Karan’ and cast myself in the lead". Karan admits that ‘We Are Family’ as it isn’t a typical mass entertainer. Moreover there was absence of Kajol and Kareena.


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