Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who am I ?

Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? What’s my role in this life and in this world?
Probably one life would not be sufficient to answer these questions. Many a life would be spent to find the ultimate truth involving each query. One may forward many materialistic solutions to this. And the question of going deep within just won’t arise. One may say – who me? Well, I am Mr. ABC son of Mr. and Mrs. so and so. That’s it. No need to spend lives. That’s ok. But divinity won’t accept such answers. Well you are Mr. ABC the son of Mr. and Mrs. so and so, but what is this so-and-so’s identity. They too may the children of their parents. And then this circle of identifications will not be over till eternity.
But in the real sense to find ‘Who am I’, will need a spiritual Guru. And then deep mysterious queries of our own identity will begin to unfold. But easier said than done. Self-enlightenment is a real process and cannot be completed without His mercy. And so only once in an era is a Buddha born.
The difficulty in understanding ourselves is none but we. And our undue use of our bookish intellect. Using that we differentiate between the good and the bad. That’s ok up to this mortal world. But we use our habit to question His very own existence.


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