Sunday, September 12, 2010

SRK’s New Girlfriend – Did He Cheat Gauri?

It is not new to change girlfriends, especially in the entertainment industry. They say, people change boyfriends and girlfriends like cloths. The similar dialogue has been repeated in various movies many a time. Now in the list is the King Khan. However, he has made friends with such a girl, his wife would never ever mind. Do you want to know who?
Well, Shah Rukh Khan has made friends with a four year old girl. Can you believe it? Well, but it is for a commercial that he has to shoot with her. However, this four year old kid proved to be very naughty and did not take it seriously to shoot with an actor as big as SRK. On the contrary, it was this cute kid who was moody this time around.
Believe it or not, Shah Rukh had to do babysitting for her when she was not in a mood to shoot.


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