Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It’s A Race Between Prachi And Chitrangada

There is still no thought of unity between producer Ekta Kapoor and director Sudhir Mishra as to who would be the leading lady of ‘Driver’. There are these creative differences which are often to be seen between the professionals in the entertainment industry. Ekta and Sudhir made talks about such a film, keeping in mind Prachi Desai.
Now the director is insisting on Chitrangada Singh in the lead role at the same time as Ekta is not ready to budge. She thinks Prachi is best suited to play the lead role as she looks much in her twenties. On the other hand, the director wants Chitrangada Singh in the lead role. He thinks that she is mature enough to play the lead role.
According to the close sources, there is a fear that if the impasse continues, the project itself might not even take off. Now, it’s wait-and-watch for us.


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