Sunday, September 12, 2010

Minissha Off To Paris

Minissha Lamba, the sexy and the cute looking girl will be going to Paris next week. She will be there to catch a U2 concert. But the ‘surprising’ thing for us all is that, she will be going there will all her ‘girl’friends. There will be no boys involved in her trip to Paris. She will be accompanied by 3 more girls.
Minissha is really excited about the all girls trip. The other thing to get excited is the concert itself. She has confessed that she has always travelled with boys and girls whenever there was an occasion and an excuse. However, this will the first time when she will be involved in an all-girls trip.
Minissha quipped that, she is disappointed that all in the group are single. This makes way only for the girls and no boys. Anyways, Minissha make a call and see the line of boys dying to go with you.


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