Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kaveri Says No To Dummy

We have had some examples in the recent past when we saw some delicate, beautiful leading ladies of Bollywood carrying out some dangerous and heavy duty scenes. We saw Katrina Kaif doing such macho scenes recently. We also heard that Kareena Kapoor is also following suit in her upcoming movie ‘Agent Vinod’.
Kaveri Jha too lines herself up in the same category. Producer Anjum Rizvi's next project is ‘Flat’ and Kaveri is one of the prominent faces in the film. It is a film with a horror plot, the producer has said. For one of the shooting sequence, it needed Kaveri to jump off the 15th floor of a building still under construction.
However, Kaveri took everyone by surprise when she decided to go ahead and do the stunt herself. The producer admits that he was ‘amazed and nervous at the same time’. ‘Flat’ is directed by debutant director Hemant Madhukar.


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