Friday, December 6, 2013

Tanishaa Mukerji getting offers from abroad?

Tanishaa Mukerji has grabbed the eyeballs in the currently underway reality show Bigg Boss and give due credit to it as she is being reportedly getting offers for performing abroad. She has been a tad controversial inmate of the house and looks like all the ‘drama’ has finally paid off.
But what are the offers and what’s the fuss about? It is understood that the offers Tanisha is getting for performing on the New Year Eve events. However, it is not only the offers from across the borders. According to a report in Mid-Day, Tanisha is getting offers from India as well.
The report says that the manager of the actress is flooded with calls from all quarters of the country asking her to perform on the New Year’s Eve. The calls are also emanating from other countries as well.

Some international organizers are even ready to pay higher prices to Tanisha as well. It now remains to be seen what offers the actress gives her go-ahead to.