Friday, December 27, 2013

Veena Malik marries businessman in Dubai

Veena Malik has always been in the news for more controversies than anything else. But now, she is in the news for her marriage to a Dubai-based businessman. Yes, that’s right. Veena Malik has married a businessman in Dubai. The businessman and Veena’s husband is Asad Bashir Khan Khattak.
Veena tweeted “I have found my Soul mate.... my Friend...my Partner!!!” Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress and model who also hosts TV shows. The 29-year old lady married the man who is supposedly the son of the friend of her father.
A certain news channel also came up with the couple’s picture with wedding rings. The footage also showed the couple meeting their relatives. Veena was understandably excited. She said that she feels being the happiest girl in the world (on account of her marriage).

Veena Malik didn’t speak a lot about her marriage. However, the only thing she said was that the people and her fans would come to know about the details of her marriage soon.