Friday, November 28, 2014

Alia Bhatt heads home as foreign weather doesn’t suit her

Alia Bhatt isn’t keeping well in foreign weather conditions. The level of uneasiness was such that she was advised to take complete bed rest. As a matter of fact, the young actress was ill due to bad weather and her shootings too. Though shootings hadn’t a role to play in her bad health, the weather certainly was.
However, Alia managed to complete her shooting and only then did she fly back home. She was shooting for the film Shaandaar. Alia was reported to have been ill with a stomach ache coupled with high fever. So, there was no chance she would continue with that bad health.
However, as mentioned here, she chose to take rest only after completing her shooting schedule. Had she went home midway through that might have taken a toll on the schedule and on the producer as well.
With this, Alia not only showed her punctuality and love towards her work, but also has proved to be a mature actress as her performance has always been lauded both by the critics and, of course, her fans.