Thursday, November 27, 2014

Priyanka Chopra’s leased property running sex racket

Priyanka Chopra isn’t an actress known for controversies. However, this time around, there has been one around her. If reports are anything to go by, there is a thriving sex trade business going on in a property that she has leased out in Mumbai. The location in question is Versova.
The property leased out by Priyanka is used for a spa and it is known that the owner of the spa is Manik Soni. The police in Versova got a tip that there was flesh trade going. And the police sent a lure for verifying the truth in the tip.
After the raid by police, the manager of the spa as well as three women was rescued. They have now been sent to the rehab center. No need to mention that the owner is absconding ever since the police operations at the spa started.
Priyanka Chopra was never aware of the activities going on in the property she had leased. Now she may once again reconsider her decision to continue the agreement or not. The lease agreement isn’t know and for how long the Bollywood actress had leased the place.