Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ban lifted by photographers over Salman Khan

The Bombay News Photographers' Association (BNPA) had banned the Dabangg Salman Khan by refusing to cover any of his outings related to his films. This was a professional blow to Salman Khan that materialized during Kick.
Actually, when a song from the film Kick was to be launched there was a horrible clash between the security staff of the actor and the photographers. Reports then claimed that the pressmen were manhandled by Salman’s security.
However, Salman Khan showed his human side by taking the initiative by inviting the photographers to the reception party of Arpita’s wedding. The secretary of BNPA, Rajneesh Kakade knew of the invitation and accepted it saying that was the best chance to sort things out between the star and the association.
He said that by forwarding the invitation, Salman said that he didn’t have any grudge against the lensmen. There was also no issue from the BNPA and so the call to attend the reception was accepted.
Rajneesh Kakade also wished the newly married couple on their new phase in life.