Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sonakshi Sinha in a mood to hang Kamaal R Khan

Who doesn’t know Kamaal R Khan and his controversies? And this time, it is Sonakshi Sinha with whom the controversial film maker in a public spat. Actually, KRK, as Kamaal R Khan is also known as, has taken jibes on social networking sites with various other Bollywood celebrities.
The latest in the list is Sonakshi Sinha. By his tweets, KRK drags other people in the controversy too. This time, it is understood that he had spoken about Sonakshi Sinha’s assets in his tweet.
He had also mentioned that people should retweet (those tweets) if they felt that Parineeti Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone have big butts. KRK tagged this as a ‘survey’, which was carried out for determining who the sexist lady of them all was.
This was the tweet he wrote yesterday (Wednesday) “Pls RT this if you think tat @SonakshiSinha has biggest butt in Bollywood.(sic)” And yes, KRK had removed the tweet in which he had spoken about the actress’s name.
However, the daughter of Shotgun didn’t show any mercy on KRK saying that he should be hanged up side down and that he was a waste of space.

After that, KRK again took to Twitter saying, “Dear @sonakshisinha Ji I am really sorry if you took it in disrespecting way. It's just a survey to choose sexiest actress of Bollywood.