Friday, November 21, 2014

No Bigg Boss 8 appearance for reality star Kim Kardashian

A reality star herself, Kim Kardashian has cancelled her prior plans to visit India and the Bigg Boss house alternatively. The star had planned well in advance to visit India, which would have been her first ever visit to the country.
However, it looks like, at least for now, Kim Kardashian will not travel to India. The reasons for the cancellation of her visit aren’t revealed. However, it is understood that there were some technical issues relating to visa that disallowed her from her maiden trip to India.
Kim Kardashian was supposed to promote her new fragrance in India and also visit the Bigg Boss house as the show is currently underway. However, at the very last moment, she had to cancel her plans.
According to her schedule, she was to be in India a couple of days back – on 19 November. Then on 22 – tomorrow, she was supposed to be inside the house. The cancellation of Kim Kardashian’s India visit may have certainly demoralized her fans, who were very excited upon the news of her arrival.
There was no word whether she would be here after visa clearance.