Monday, July 22, 2013

Nasha posters featuring Poonam Pandey burnt in Mumbai

Poonam Pandey faced heat as her Nasha posters were burnt in Mumbai. The posters were obviously bold and were not deemed good to be seen so openly by the common public. Poonam has always been in the thick of the controversies and the burning of her posters is the latest thing to happen.
The news came from the Mahim area of Mumbai where people took to the streets, who came in a group and tore off the posters that showed some intimacy. After tearing the posters, they set them on fire. This incident had taken place on July 20.
Earlier, on July 19, the Nasha posters faced the ire of the people in Delhi as well, where people burnt the posters there too. This happened in the Seemapuri area of northwest Delhi. This group of people even approached the police and complained about the posters.
As far as Poonam Pandey is concerned, she was shocked to hear these reports. However, she said that she was ready to apologize to the people if they in any way felt offended due to images on the posters.

She however said that the film has a lot to offer apart from what there is on the posters.