Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poonam Pandey feels sex is fine when in relationship

Poonam Pandey has said that when in relationship, sex is fine; there’s no big deal in it. The model-turned-actress is receiving reviews about her debut film Nasha. In the film Poonam Pandey will be seen indulging herself in some hot and intimate scenes on screen. And by the way, being naughty on screen isn’t new to the model.
She expressed confidence that she would be able to perform her role to perfection, which is an exotic character. Talking in an interview Poonam Pandey also spoke about her co-star in the film, Shivam. Poonam said Shivam plays the role of a college-going student and added that he had got a bit nervous when shooting hot scenes.
However, she said that she actually enjoyed all the shoots in the film. (Well, we wonder what Poonam has to convey with this statement.) However, being on a diplomatic front, she said that it was her work and if she didn’t do her work being comfortable, that would reflect on the screen and would look unnatural.

As far as doing steamy scenes are concerned, Poonam Pandey said that as an individual she didn’t think those things were wrong. Sex is fine when one is in relationship, Poonam added.