Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kangana Ranaut does away with pearly white teeth

Actors and actresses do a whole lot of things to play their character and Kangana Ranaut is no exception. She had to do away with pearly white teeth for the role she plays in her upcoming film Rajjo.
As a matter of fact, she needed to show stained teeth due to consumption of tobacco. However, when the director told her that she would have to eat tobacco for the role Kangana flatly refused. After all, she had never consumed that item before.
In such a case, eating paan was the best way out and looked a practical option. Kangana was skeptical about eating the paan too; however, she yielded after the director made her understand that it was the need of the role for her.

Showing stained teeth was the need for the role for Kangana and she will be seen without her milky white teeth in many scenes in the film. She plays a mujrewali in the film and has a very loud character. No wonder, she had to look the way to fit the character.