Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nothing much to read between Salman-Shah Rukh patch up

The fans of the superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan might have been happy about the patch up at the Iftaar party hosted by Baba Siddiqui. However, there are clouds of sadness over the bright developments. According to the sources close to Salman Khan, it was just a greeting and nothing more.
Sohail Khan, Salman’s brother has said that the two were at the same place and at the same time and that is why they greeted each other. They could not say no to their host Baba Siddiqui as both have high regard for him. It will be too premature to expect their reconciliation.
There have been numerous efforts from the mutual friends of both the stars to bring them back to being normal friends. However, any positive developments look a distant possibility for now. One source close to Salman says that bhai – Salman Khan has several times reiterated that being friends with SRK was never going to happen.
One of the common friends of the Khans, Katrina Kaif also tried to bring peace between the two. However, she also failed in her efforts.

There hasn’t been any word from Shah Rukh Khan about the statements coming from Salman’s camp. Wonder, what he has to say!