Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poonam Pandey’s Nasha posters still raising storms

The fiery storm over the intimate Nasha posters of Poonam Pandey just doesn’t seem to die down even in the rainy days. Well, how will it when the poster itself says “Get Wet Happy Monsoon.” That is one thing that will never go well with the traditional Indian culture still prevalent in the country.
As the date of release of the film gets nearer, there is a lot of publicity going on for the film irrespective of what the outcome is. And yes, the controversies are always surrounding Poonam Pandey and her controversial Nasha posters in various parts of the country.
It was the Shiv Sena – a prominent political party in Maharashtra that saw red when the huge posters of Poonam Pandey were on display in broad daylight. Some Shiv Sainiks tore the posters down in various parts of Mumbai including Mahim, Lower Parel and Borivali.

The posters showing Poonam in a bikini in a backless pose was too hot to handle for the city and the end result was taking the posters down in an unexpected way for the production house.

View the Nasha Poster here