Monday, July 29, 2013

Power shifting to women in a male dominated world says Huma Qureshi

It is a male dominated world and everyone seems to have accepted it. But Pakistani actress Huma Qureshi feels the power is now shifting towards women in such a world. The beautiful actress who has become a year older believes in the fact that they are living in a world dominated by men.
She further said that it is not only the film industry where there is the dominance of men. But in fact, the entire world today has the dominance of males, Huma said. However, she did not forget to mention that there are films that are women oriented and they are also doing great.
There are big films that are being made on women and have worthwhile box office collections as well. Huma gave the example of Vidya Balan, whom she feels is the torch bearer, who has left her own mark in Bollywood.

Speaking about the film D Day, Huma said that D Day is a male oriented film. However, she also has a significant role to play in the film and that is she why she finds a place there.