Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Salman Khan to get Rs. 130 crores for 26 Bigg Boss episodes

Salman Khan will now be the top paid Bollywood actor pocketing a whopping Rs. 130 crores for 26 Bigg Boss episodes. That means he will be getting Rs. 5 crores per episode. For the previous season of Bigg Boss, which was the sixth season then, Salman used to charge Rs. 2.5 crores for each episode.
The sudden rise in the rates and that too twice what he used to get earlier can be attributed to the fact that he will be seen in a double role for this season. The double role is due to the concept of the show for the season.
For the seventh season of the reality show, the concept is heaven and hail. That is why Salman will be playing the double role. He will be seen in roles like and angel and a devil that goes with the theme of the show.

However, all might not be well for Salman. As he has been charged with charges of culpable homicide in regard to the 2002 case, he may have to face legal action that may potentially not make him available for the show. To overcome this problem, Salman Khan will be shooting a couple of episodes each day every week.