Monday, July 29, 2013

What’s size zero, asks Kareena Kapoor

Size zero is a term that first got associated with Kareena Kapoor. And now the same Kapoor girl is asking the origin of the term. But whatever be the fact, Kareena said that she prefers Indian food to just survive on fruits and salads.
Mentioning the names of the Indian food, she said she consumes dal, chawal, sabzi, roti and ghee. Emphasizing the importance of ghee, Kareena said that her grandmother is 84 years old and still looks beautiful (all due to consuming ghee).
While giving tips of healthy food, Kareena said it is important to have healthy food in one’s meal and never junk food. She said that she never liked and never would advocate the idea of starving to remain fit.
Instead of starving, it would be great to eat what one likes and then go burn the calories in the gym, Kareena said. What the intake is that matters, she pointed out.

As far as her own breakfast is concerned, Kareena starts her day with banana milk shake, which is followed by coffee. The term ‘size zero’ was first stuck with her name around five years ago that she seemed to enjoy pretty much.