Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Salman Khan helping Bruna Abdalah brush up her Hindi

Salman Khan is yet again in the news for someone. This time around he has turned a Hindi tutor for Bruna Abdalah. Salman Khan is helping the Brazilian actress Bruna Abdalah brush up her Hindi and be more fluent in her language and diction. She will be seen in Mental along with Salman Khan.
According to sources, the foreign actress got a call from the director Sohail Khan, Salman’s elder brother. He is known to have offered her a small part in the film. Even if the role that Bruna dons isn’t that big, she saw it as an opportunity to work with the Khan family.
Bruna Abdalah nodded in the affirmative without delay. She said that working with someone like Salman Khan has been a sort of a learning curve for her. And the way he helped her brush up her Hindi skills was even a warmer experience.

Speaking about Salman, Bruna said before taking any shot, he will have his own ideas and will improvise things at the drop of a hat. Apart from Salman a lady named Ujjwala, who happens to be a professor teaches Bruna Hindi. Bruna says though she cannot converse in Hindi yet, she can dub and read it apart from understanding the language now.