Monday, April 18, 2011

Finally, a natural hair look for Tanushree Dutta

The beautiful Bollywood actress, Tanushree Dutta tried a lot of things for her natural hair look. She used many types of hair colors and cosmetics to give her that perfect look. However, on most of the occasions, she failed miserably. She had no choice left with her. What she could do was to come back to basics.
That is why Tanusharee has finally decided to go for the perfectly natural look. Now, Tanushree has even started praising the natural looks by saying that, there cannot be anything as sensuous as the natural looks for a person.
However, a harsh reality came to the fore, where Tanushree admitted a couple of things. Firstly, she had to return to the natural looks. Secondly, she did say that she tried various looks until now (but had to return to those natural looks). Tanushree also said that the human hair is not strong enough to bear the chemical processes it goes through while conditioning.
During this process, Tanushree had tried various different colors on her hair, but all was of no use to her. She said that, bringing the quality of natural hair back is more of a strenuous job than conditioning them in the first place. Well, these are certainly the words of an experienced person. Anyone out there trying to follow Tanushree, the message has already been sent.


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