Saturday, April 16, 2011

I won’t strip onscreen says Poonam Pandey

The news about Poonam Pandey is far from over even when the celebrations of the Indian victory in the World Cup might have died down. Those who know about Poonam’s promise to strip nude for celebrating a possible Indian victory, are demanding Poonam keeps her promise. However yet, there is nothing from Poonam’s side as yet.
First she said that she would strip only in the dressing room of the Indian players. Later, she said she would strip in France. And now, in one of her latest statements she says that she will not strip onscreen. No wonder, people have come to know about her game plan.
Poonam only wanted to cash in on the World Cup hype and the fact that India had reached the finals. Well, after all, she got what she wanted. She wanted everyone to take her name; she got various offers from Bollywood and even found a place in the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 4.
Poonam still sticks to her decision that she did not declare going nude for cheap publicity. On the contrary, she says that she did all that for her nation. The 19-year old model still believes that whatever has happened during the past couple of weeks (her coming out openly about stripping) will not hamper her dreams of being a successful actress.
According to her, she has been getting various offers for item songs from Bollywood.


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