Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poonam Pandey will never strip

Listen friends, Poonam Pandey is never going to strip for you, we mean, for the public. She had already said that she would never strip on screen. However, now she has dropped a bombshell by saying that she declared about her stripping just for fun. This means that, she would never strip even after a thumping Indian win in the finals of the World Cup.
It is clear that Poonam is taking cover under the ‘Indian culture’ saying that she would never be allowed to do so as she is an Indian girl. She herself said that she has done this just for the fun of it. But it was the people who took everything seriously. Now isn’t that going back on her words? How was anyone to know that what she was doing was only out of fun and that it should not be read seriously?
Poonam was dying to come into limelight and it was proved when she said that she opened a fan page on Facebook. Well nothing wrong in that. However, she was not satisfied only with that. It seemed that she wanted more than just that. That is exactly why she came up with the idea of stripping after an Indian win.
Now, when she herself calls all this an idea, what is left for us to speak? But there were a couple of repercussions – she became the most Googled name on the Internet and certainly became an household name in India.


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