Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kashmira Shah backs Payal Rohatgi in casting couch issue

It is only Kashmira Shah who has come in defense of model Payal Rohatgi when Payal accused Dibakar Banarjee of casting couch. However, apart from Kashmira, no other lady has come forward to support Payal Rohatgi. This has surprised Kashmira and she feels sad about the same as well.
Kashmira has claimed that as far as low grade films are concerned, casting couch does indeed exist (did she want to suggest that the film undertaken by Dibakar Banarjee was a low grade film?) Well, let us not get into that. But she also said that Payal was a talented girl and that she could have performed much better than what she currently is doing.
She also stated the example of Mamta Kulkarni who was supposedly a victim of casting couch. Kashmira said that when Mamta came out about this issue, she just lost out on Bollywood as she could never work again. In fact, nobody wanted to work with her again.
Maybe this is the trend of Bollywood where the actresses are forgotten and they get lost in the unduly high crowd in Bollywood.
However, there are some people who believe that Payal Rohatgi is not a girl who could lie to such an extent about her profession. Well, no one knows the truth about this all. But if it does exist, it is indeed an unfortunate incident.


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