Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ragini MMS won’t have steamy TV trailers

Ekta Kapoor’s film Ragini MMS is in full swing these days. The TV trailers are almost ready. Err… but what’s this? There are cuts in the song. Were the cuts expected? Well, for a theme like the one the film has, the promo going for cuts was on the cards.
However, Ekta Kapoor has no option but to allow some parts of the song to be reshot just for the sake of the certificate. There was a song shot for the promos and it is expected that it would get the U/A certificate for the small screen. But initially, the movie’s film promo had only the A certificate.
According to one source of the Balaji production house, Ekta wanted to retain the entire portion of the song raat ekeli hai. The reason for this was that, the song and the picturization gave the right kind of mood for a film like this. However, the scenes were too hot for the censor board to retain them.
As usual on the producer or director’s part, Ekta has also reiterated that the A certificate would harm the viewership of the movie. Films with A certificate are beamed only at night, especially after 11 pm. Why Ekta was unhappy with this is because a lot of efforts were put in by her team, and expected that everything goes right after the cuts, especially the kind of certificate she wants for the film.


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