Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nargis Fakhri working on her Hindi with Ranbir Kapoor

Nargis Fakhri is in the lead along with Ranbir Kapoor in their forthcoming film titled Rockstar. However, the problem for Nargis Fakhri is that she does not have an Indian accent to her Hindi. The reason is that Nargis is a half Pakistani and half Czech lady who was born in the United States (and working in India).
If there is one man who is taking honest and sincere efforts to polish Nargis Fakhri’s accents, it is none other than our very own Ranbir Kapoor. There are some rumors out there that, Ranbir is showing extra interest in polishing Nargis’ Hindi accents. However, the closeness of the two is more on professional levels than that of personal.
Let us clear one more thing. It is not only Ranbir Kapoor who is showing any interest in Nargis Fakhri’s improvement. Actually, it is the entire team and all the crew members of the film who have been advised to take care that they talk with Nargis Fakhri with Hindi and Hindi only.
This automatically gives a lot of talking practice to Nargis, which she requires a lot.
The film is supposed to be released in September and the director Imtiaz Ali hopes that everything will be fine for Nargis Fakhri with her Hindi accent and pronunciations.


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