Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Neha Dhupia accepts challenges through Dear Friend Hitler

Neha Dhupia might not be as big a star, but her role in her upcoming film Dear Friend Hitler, has a lot of promise. Her role in her recent film Phas Gaye Re Obama was critically acclaimed. However, as far as her role in Dear Friend Hitler is concerned, it is already under fire from almost all quarters.
In the film, Neha plays the role of Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler’s love interest. Hitler’s role is played by Rabhubir Yadav. Coming back to Neha’s role, it is no less than a challenge to portray Eva Braun’s role.
One of the prime reasons why this role is difficult for Neha is that, the character of Eva has been a mysterious one almost for eternity. Moreover, the looks of the character should match with that of the era when the couple existed.
The film Dear Friend Hitler is already in the news for its controversial topic. The film is slated for release after the end of the Indian Premier League. Which means the film should hit the theaters towards the end of May.


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