Friday, April 1, 2011

Rana Daggubati doesn’t want to be linked with Bipasha Basu

Rana Daggubati is not at all amused even when his name was being linked with Bipasha Basu – one of the most beautiful looking women of Bollywood. He said that the news which was spreading some days back which spoke of his closeness to Bipasha is all rumors. He said that no one cares about the rumors after the initial days are over.
The professional actor even said that his spotlight was on the film and not the rumors. Currently he is shuffling between Hyderabad and Mumbai as he is a part of both Hindi and Telugu releases. He joked that the last thing he wanted was his family and friends to believe that Rana was running after girls in both the cities.
As far as the relationship between him and Bips is concerned, Rana looks up to Bipasha. He says she is his senior in the Hindi film industry and that he got to learn a lot of new things here. The relations were totally professional. He even said that Bipasha was a fantastic human being and an equally wonderful friend.
He however stressed the fact that the rumors were making things sore for both of them.


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