Thursday, April 14, 2011

Koena Mitra will be a bisexual in Story of Naomi

Koena Mitra, the Indian beauty will make her Hollywood debut in the film Story of Naomi, soon in which she will be seen in a bisexual role. She will be seen in a romantic affair with a man as well as a woman. Koena will be seen as a protagonist who will be seen in love with both the sexes.
Rarely might have it happened that any actor has got such a debut in a film world as big as Hollywood. But the debut she got, some say, came her way, way too late (may be as compared to the other actresses).
However, Koena has her own answers for the same. She says that she did some training on her voice modulation and then only did she accept the role which came her way. The film is produced by Michael Hirshenson. He says that Koena Mitra is a hard working lady who can make it big with her work.
There is another reason Michael Hirshenson put forth about the selection of Koena Mitra. He says that international the Indian actress has got international looks.
Now coming back to the film, Koena Mitra is not yet ready to divulge any details about the film. Like any new beginning of a film, Koena Mitra seems to be getting a little political about the same. Well, there is nothing wrong in it either.


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