Monday, December 3, 2012

Adult actress Sunny Leone goes unnoticed

The face of the adult actress Sunny Leone has become so common that everyone and anyone can easily recognize her. But, Sunny got the better of almost all the people present at Ekta Kapoor’s house when she beat them all with her sheer looks. Well, this time it wasn’t anything vulgar or raunchy. But actually Sunny was decently dressed.
The people present on the occasion were constantly asking their host who the lady was. And it was indeed a hard time for Ekta to keep answering the same thing again and again. That was really something special from Sunny Leone.
As a matter of fact, it would be wrong to criticize people for their constant questioning. The adult star was never seen in the traditional clothes that she had worn. No wonder, she had gone beyond recognition. Moreover, she was also sporting a different hairstyle. That added to the confusion of the people even more.