Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poonam Pandey to sport a bikini for a song in Nasha?

Well there is nothing great about Poonam Pandey being seen in a bikini in her upcoming film Nasha. After all, Poonam is mostly seen in scanty clothes and even rarely in Indian attires. However, when the model and the two-piece wear come together it is news. Poonam said that she might be seen in a bikini to shoot a song for Nasha.
There have been all sorts of news revolving Poonam Pandey and her upcoming film Nasha. Initially, the news was that there would be no bikini for Poonam for the song. There were also reports doing the rounds that Nasha will have an item number as well.
However, all the news has proved to be rumors as truth is coming out by and by. Poonam Pandey who came to fame when she (falsely) promised to strip after India winning the cricket World Cup last year, has always found ways to be in the news.
If there is nothing else, she has her own pictures posted on Twitter and she manages to remain in the public eye. But what about her film? How long will that manage to retain the public attention, only time can tell.