Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deepika Padukone feels even glamorous roles needs talent

Deepika Padukone feels that even if the character of in a film is glamorous, it cannot be without acting talents. She feels that it is a misconception that such roles can be pulled off even without the necessary acting skills. The Bollywood actress feels that it makes no difference what the role is as everything depends on acting.
Acting is acting, she said and nothing can take its place. She stated her own example from the film Cocktail. She added that there was everything to do with the acting though her role was a glamorous one. She was also talking about the over exposure in films.
But Deepika said that if the work is going on well, then there is nothing to be feared of. She concluded that it cannot result in any form of exposure. Though Deepika has been seen in glamorous, she has also shown her acting skills through several of her films till date.